Micro Wine Table

Micro Wine Table

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WineRackers Micro Wine Table


The Winerackers Micro Wine Tables are perfect for your picnic day at the seaside, the pool, romantic picnic in the park, outdoor camps, open air concerts to keep your favourite wine and glasses secure and accessible.

Designed for 4, impress your friends and enjoy a little fun!!

Cheers, to your hospitality aspirations, sharing friendships over good times and making happy memories with your bestie, family and loved ones!

The Micro Wine table is a folding/portable table with circle cut outs to retain your wine bottle or bubbles and four wine glasses to keep your glasses upright.  

With enough space for a platter of nibbles or food you are set to chill and share.

Each Micro Wine Table is hand-crafted and finished in Canadian oil to protect the surfaces and for easy cleaning. Just wipe down and its ready for next time you are out and about.

Winerackers Micro Wine Tables are a fun gift for the person who already has everything’. They are a perfect wedding gift, commemorating an anniversary or for a birthday.

Shipped fully assembled, ready to go, ex our stock. 3 to 5 days subject to courier.


Please Note: Our Micro Wine Tables are artisan handcrafted in our Auckland workshop. Due to wood material variability, they will vary in their natural pine colour and grain with the occasional knots. We position the smooth surfaces outwards and on top, but they are deliberately produced to a rustic look and feel which is reflected in the retail price.  

We do our best to ensure wood defects are minimised during our production. If you receive your Micro Wine Table and a knot has fallen out or it is defective on opening, we offer a 14-day replacement on return of the original table or a full refund.   

Because we manufacture locally, and we appreciate your support we want to ensure you have a great experience buying at Winerackers, so talk to us and we will do our best to resolve product issues you raise.


450mm long x 350mm wide and stand 225 high

Weight: 1.6kg

Made from untreated NZ pine plywood.